Mustakivi is a lifestyle-brand, based in Ehime-prefecture. We develop and handle original items that mainly consist of traditional crafts from Japan. With Fujiwo Ishimoto, the legendary designer of Marimekko and ceramic artist based and active in Finland with original identity for five decades, Mustakivi delivers products and experiences that add “joy” and “happiness” to the daily life, which would eventually mature into “affection” for the future. Our vison is creating timeless affection that transcends borders from here.

日本最古といわれる道後温泉があり、温泉地として知られる道後。近年ではアート散策も楽しめるようになっています。Mustakiviの実店舗は、道後の中でも商店街の喧騒から少し離れ、かつては宝厳寺の門前町として栄えた上人坂沿いに佇んでいます。  MAPはこちら

The spa town of Dogo is where Dogo Onsen, known to be the oldest bathhouse in Japan, is located. In recent years, its streets have been decorated with artworks to entertain visitors. Our fragship store stands a little away from the shopping streets of Dogo – along the Shoninzaka slope, a once popular promenade leading to Hougonji Temple.   MAP
The instore gallery displays Fujiwo Ishimoto’s works and holds special exhibitions, where you can personally check and select different shades and textures of all Mustakivi products. The building also has an atelier of Fujiwo, where creative activities going on and various new relationships are emerging.

住所: MAPはこちら
 愛媛県松山市道後湯月町3-4 上人坂テラス
OPEN:木 / 金 / 土 / 日 / 祝日

  3-4 Yuzukicho Dogo, Matsuyama, Ehime
   (abt. five minutes walk from Dogo-Onsen)
   (Parking lot available)
 TEL : 089-993-7497
 OPEN : THU / FRI / SAT / SUN & Japanese holidays
             11AM - 5 PM